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Where can I enter the park?


We have two entrance gates, the main gate is on the corner of Park Avenue and Mount Moriah and the other one is located on the corner of Alrose and Ivy.


What time is the park open and how much are tickets?


The gates are open from 4pm -11pm on Thursday. 

They are open from 11am -11pm on Friday and Saturday.  

Entry tickets are $15 each day when purchased online.


What can I bring into the park?


You can bring in chairs, blanket, cups, stroller, and sunscreen.


No food, drink, or weapons can be brought in.  There is a bag check when you come in the gate.  

No pets are allowed in the park unless it’s a service animal.


Where can I park?


You can park for free at the Hilton Memphis Headquarters on Crossover Lane.

You can also park in the nearby neighborhoods. 

Are there any shuttles running this year?

Sorry to say, no.   Those are not available to us at this time.


Where do I get a 21 and up wristband?


Before purchasing any alcohol, you must stop by Luigi’s Beer Garden and get a 21 and up wristband. 

Please bring your ID with you!


Is there stuff to do for my kids?


We have Luigi Land which in located by the Playground and the Arts and Crafts vendors.

There are lots of games and activities for your kids to enjoy!


When will we find out who won the car?


Our Car Raffle drawing and Cooking Team Awards will take place Saturday, June 3

on the Main Stage at 5:15pm.


Where do I go if I need help or have questions?


You can visit the Volunteer Tent located next to the Gazebo for all questions and for Lost and Found! 

They will be happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions.

Come see us during the Festival.

4946 Alrose 

Memphis, TN 38117

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