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Pallino Challenge

Saturday, June 1


The Pallino Challenge Bocce Tournament is a competitive tournament with a NEW FORMAT consisting of 2 man teams (Alternate allowed), attracting teams from all over the Mid South. Competition begins on Saturday morning at 9:30 am with warmups starting at 8:00 am and runs thru the day (weather permitting).   Entry fee is $120 per team, with cash prizes awarded for 1st through 3rd place: 1st Place-$1,500, 2nd Place-$700, 3rd Place-$300. 


Pallino Challenge Champions

2000  Delta 3 and 1           2011  Giovani Pistoles

2001  Galler Wholesale     2012  St. Joe's Rollers

2002  St. Joe's Rollers        2013  Unico 2 Drink Min

2003  St. Joe's Rollers        2014  Delta 3 and 1

2004  St. Joe's Rollers        2015  St. Joe's Rollers

2005  St. Joe's Rollers        2016  4-4 Bocce

2006  Delta 3 and 1          2017  St. Joe's Rollers

2007  St. Joe's Rollers        2018  St. Joe's Rollers

2008  Delta 3 and 1          2019  4-4 Bocce

2009  Giovani Pistoles.     2022  Ro Ro

2010  St. Joe's Rollers

 New - 2 man teams.

  See app for details.

Palino winners 2023.png

Pallino Challenge - 2023 MVP - Jason Racconi

Galtelli Cup

(Cooking Teams & Sponsors Only)

Thursday,  May 30 

Get ready, cooking teams! This is a single elimination recreational tournament with four person teams. The cost is $80.00 per team and awards will be given to top-finishers.  Warm ups begin at 4:30 pm and competition starts at 5:30 pm (weather permitting).  There are only a limited number of entries available so we encourage you to enter early! COOKING TEAMS WILL BE LIMITED TO ONE BOCCE TEAM  (Semi-Finals and Finals to be held on Friday Evening at approximately 8:30pm).

Galtelli Cup Champions

2003  Romer Italy

2004  St. Francis Hospital

2005  Bella Serra

2006  Two Italians, 1 Polack and the rest Rednecks

2007  Bella Serra

2008  Bella Serra

2009  Mama Biondini

2010  Bella Serra

2011  Paisano's

2013  US Foods

2015  Two Italians, 1 Polack and Lotsa Rednecks

2016  It's All Gravy Baby

2017  Mama Biondini's

2018  Molti Cuigini

2019  Garbolucci's

2021  Mama Biondini's

2022  Molti Cugini

2023  Battestelli Familia

Galtelli 19' Champions(Garbolucci's).JPG

 New - 4 man teams.

  See app for details.

The Mike Camurati MVP award for the 2024 Galtelli Cup Challenge goes to ...

   This is a new award created to honor Mike.  Who will be named the first winner of this award?

bocce 2023.JPG
bocce night 2023.jpg

Grazie ai nostri Sponsors

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